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Determining where a company should put its digital dollars can be a challenge. Ultimately, mapping potential digital investments to strategic objectives can help an insurer prioritize investments and set a solid foundation for current and future developments.

June 27, 2017   by Glynda Gill, Digital Strategy Director, Guidewire

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For property and casualty insurers, having a solid digital strategy in play is a necessity these days. Consider findings in the McKinsey & Company report, Making Digital Strategy a Reality in Insurance, released last fall. Reviewed p&c carriers in the United States that are employing a digital strategy are growing at a compound annual growth rate of 6.2% – almost two times faster than their non-digital counterparts – while delivering significantly better profitability, the report found.

Glynda Gill, Digital Strategy Director, Guidewire

For insurance companies looking to go digital, how digital investments are prioritized is not always crystal clear. The goal of determining how best to spend an insurer’s digital dollars and organize related decisions, though, could be advanced by looking at a number of factors.

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