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30 Forensic Engineering Construction Services – Claims, Risk and Advisory

May 15, 2017   by -30- Forensic Engineering

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There is no ‘one size fits all’ formula to addressing project management. We simply understand and appreciate that every project is unique and should be approached as such. We know that every project requires an independent analysis of potential contributing factors, and some ‘out of the box’ thinking to help clients move forward with confidence.

The 30 Forensic Engineering Construction Claims Group has two main service areas: Construction Claims/Dispute Resolution and Project Advisory

Construction Claims / Dispute Resolution

When disputes or challenges arise on a project, our clients rely on us for independent, forensic analysis of the technical, schedule and cost factors affecting the efficient and effective construction, our knowledge of industry standards of practice, and litigation support services. Our work focuses on identifying the root causes, the allocation of responsibility for changes, delay, acceleration, disruption, extension of time, etc., demonstrating entitlement and quantifying the damages. Our involvement enhances and facilitates our clients’ decision making with regards to dispute resolution options, the negotiation and settlement process, and their financial risk  and exposure.

Construction Claim / Dispute Resolution Services

  • Forensic Analysis & Claim Preparation
  • Evaluation of Claim Submissions by Others
  • Schedule Delay Analysis / Extension of Time Assessments
  • Assessing the Impact of Changed and/or Additional Scope
  • Productivity Loss / Earned Value Assessments
  • Cost Analysis / Quantification of Damages
  • Expert Reports  & Testimony / Litigation Support

Project Advisory

The Construction Claims group also provides a full range of project controls, risk management, planning and cost services, that allow our clients to more effectively coordinate and manage their projects, and allow for mitigation measures. During the course of a project, our independent services help clients maintain project momentum, administer the necessary project controls, and address issues with  insight and an objective perspective.

Project Advisory Services

  • Establish Standard Management Procedures
  • Project Record Keeping (Identify Critical Project Documents)
  • Forensic Document Review (real-time)
  • Preventative Measures – Cost Review (real-time)
  • Risk Solutions
  • Strategic Project Planning –  Project Budget / Conceptual Estimating, Project Schedule Preparation, Contract Advisory
  • Project Oversight and Controls – Executive Oversight, Schedule Review, ongoing Project Monitoring, Earned Value Analysis, Cost Control and Reporting, Labour Tracking, Change Order & Time Extension Analysis

No matter what the industry, fundamental approaches to assessing the impact of unforeseen circumstances and events apply.  Our Construction Claims group is committed to familiarizing itself with, and understanding the unique factors that can exist on individual projects.


  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Roadwork & Bridges
  • Transportation



  • General Contractors
  • Government
  • Insurance Adjusters (Large Complex Losses)
  • Lawyers / Law Firms
  • Owners & Developers
  • Subcontractors
  • Sureties


The Team

Doris Marshall CEC Principal
With 30 years of industry experience, Doris has provided construction claim and dispute resolution services to owners, contractors, subcontractors, lawyers, sureties, and insurance firms, across public, private, and commercial sectors. Possessing an inherent understanding of construction risk and impact, combined with an extensive background in forensic cost accounting and project controls, Doris is able to navigate complex claims, and facilitate specific client requirements.  She has the ability to untangle and convey information to clients in a straightforward and comprehensive manner. Doris has earned the trust and long-standing loyalty of her clients by providing the independent assessments and recommendations needed to allow clients to make decisions with confidence.

Jiwan Thapar, P.Eng., M.Eng., PSP, PMP – Practice Lead
Specializing in:
– Construction contract disputes resolution

– Expert witness services
– Project management and controls
– Construction claims preparation and rebuttal


Lynett Wilson, B.Arch.Sc – Intermediate Associate
Specializing in:
– Claim Preparation & Evaluation
– Project Scheduling / Forensic Schedule Analysis
– Delay & Disruption Analysis
– Impact of Change Analysis
– Project Monitoring / Earned Progress Evaluations


Ashleigh Marshall-Coultas, BFA – Intermediate Associate
Specializing in:
– Project Scheduling
– Delay & Disruption Impact Analysis
– Critical Path Analysis
– Forensic Cost Analysis
– Demonstration of ‘Cause and Effect’ Relationships


Samin Bidhendi, B.Eng – Intermediate Associate 
Specializing in:
– Civil / Structural Analysis
– Project Management
– Claim Preparation & Evaluation
– Project Scheduling / Time Impact Analysis
– Procurement / Contract Principles, Methods & Practices


Anja Heim, MSc, MIB, BBA – Intermediate Associate
Specializing in:
– Forensic Document Reviews /Audits

– Process Improvements
– Claims Management Strategies
– Forensic Analysis – Budget /Schedule
– Claim Evaluation & Productivity Loss Assessments


Gary Hakobyan, M.Eng Associate
Specializing in:
– Contract Management & Administration

– Forensic Analysis
– Quality Control / Work Flow Analysis
– Risk Management 
– CAD Engineering


Rhianne Cookson – Team Lead Project Coordinator
Specializing in:
– Project Coordination and Management

– Administrative Functions and Process Creation
– Develop and Support Marketing Initiatives



The core team has expanded over the last few years with the addition of equally strong and varied expertise and experience, to complement and enhance the group’s service offerings. The group has gained the trust and respect of clients through their efforts, and ability to understand the complexities of construction and the inter-dependencies of the various elements.

Construction Group Services:

  • Facilitation of Construction Dispute Resolution Process
  • Preparation / Evaluation of Construction Claims
  • (Delay, Disruption, Extension of Time, Loss of Productivity)
  • Determining ‘Cause and Effect’ Relationships
  • Schedule Delay / Disruption Analysis
  • Schedule Preparation and Updates
  • Assessing the Impact of Changed or Additional Scope
  • Forensic Analysis – Time, Cost & Scope
  • Earned Value Assessments
  • Quantification of Damages / Quantum Recommendations
  • Risk Mitigation / Managing Change
  • Project Controls & Management Principles
  • Litigation Support / Expert Reports & Testimony
  • Contract Administration / Construction Management
  • Project Advisory Services
  • Estimate Preparation & Validation / Deficiency Assessments

About 30 Forensic Engineering

30 Forensic Engineering (, based in Toronto, has been serving the insurance and legal industries for 15 years and is one of Canada’s largest and most respected multi-disciplinary forensic firms. Our core team of 60+ professional investigators is enhanced through relationships with some of the top scientists, standard-makers and specialized consultants in North America. We provide world-class engineering and consulting expertise in: Civil/Structural, Building and Fire Code, Geotechnical and Mining, Construction Claims, Biomechanics, Personal Injury, Human Factors, Collision Reconstruction, Transportation Safety, Electrical and Renewable Energy, Environmental Health and Safety, Remediation, Materials Failure/HVAC, and Fire and Explosion investigations.

Welcome to -30- The last word in forensic engineering.

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