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Canada’s King International Advisory Group leading seminar at Council of International Investigators (CII) Regional Meeting

May 10, 2017   by King International Advisory Group

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King International Advisory Group Inc.

Toronto, May 10, 2017 – King International Advisory Group Inc. is pleased to announce Brian D. King, President & CEO, will be leading an educational seminar on ‘International Investigations’ at the upcoming Council of International Investigators Regional Meeting in Niagara Falls, Ontario on May 27, 2017.

“International investigations obviously encounter a whole world of issues. From different laws and regulations in various countries, to cultural sensitivities, international work takes careful planning and considerations,” says Brian King. “It’s imperative to not only have a working knowledge of local customs, but also to have local partners available which can assist when difficulties arise – because they almost inevitably do.”

Brian will lead the group in a course on handling International Investigations, which is a specialty of Mr. King’s. Having recently travelled to India & Nepal on a large human rights case, King will highlight his experiences on this matter and many other global investigations he has contributed to throughout his 30+ year career as a Certified International Investigator. Brian will also highlight the need for international collaboration and will discuss how other CII members contributed to the successful outcome of his investigation.

“Our agency remains committed to assisting our Canadian clients anywhere in the world. Through our vast network of international partners, our agency can complete investigations in even the most problematic environments,” says Jeremy King, Executive Vice President of King International Group.

Brian D. King, CFE, CII

With over 35 years of experience, Mr. King has developed comprehensive strategies for dealing with delicate issues relating to Fraud and White Collar crime, as well as Human Resources and Workplace Harassment Compliance issues, for insurance companies, regulatory bodies, and institutional clients.

Throughout his career King has developed excellent relations with investigators internationally. His business travels have included Asia, Great Britain, Ireland, Northern Africa, U.S., Cuba,  Mexico, India and Nepal. He also has trusted contacts in Australia, New Zealand, and across Europe.

Most recently, King was awarded the “International Investigator of the Year Award” in 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden, by the Council of International Investigators, due to his work on a large international human rights case.

Contact Brian: 416-628-6877 x222 or

To learn more about King International Advisory Group, please visit or contact Jeremy King, Executive Vice President, 416-628-6877 x221

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