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CU launches new P&C industry podcast

November 8, 2022   by David Gambrill

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Canadian Underwriter is pleased to announce today’s launch of its new podcast series, What’s on Dec? in partnership with industry veterans Pete Tessier and Curt Wyatt.

Tessier and Wyatt will be well-known to those who listen to The Insurance Podcast, and CU is excited to team up with them to present CU’s own podcast, What’s on Dec?

Our podcast offers engaging discussions with some of the P&C industry’s sharpest minds on emerging issues affecting carriers, brokers, claims professionals, risk professionals and the industry’s supply chain partners.

Starting today, our monthly podcast will go live on the second Tuesday of every month. You can access it in our newsletter on each day that a new episode launches, or at any time via our podcast webpage.

Today’s episode covers issues related to brokerage mergers and acquisitions, featuring an interview with brokerage M&A specialist Mike Berris of Smythe LLP.

In the inaugural 15-minute episode, Berris and our co-hosts discuss what brokerages are worth these days, why they are valued so highly, who’s buying them, what impact a recession may have on M&A and how you can best position your brokerage for M&A growth.

Berris will offer insights based on many brokerage M&A deals he’s closed over the years. Also, What’s on Dec? co-hosts Tessier and Wyatt offer their own commentary based on personal experiences selling their own brokerages, as well as what they’re hearing around the industry.

Over the next six episodes, What’s on Dec? will explore other hot topics, including a CEO’s take on the P&C industry’s outlook in 2023, M&A on the insurance carrier’s side, the current state of the union on broker technology and broker-carrier connectivity, inflation, and the specific impacts of Canada’s broader talent shortage on the insurance industry.

Please join us over the next six months for What’s on Dec? and feel free to offer topic ideas or comments to David Gambrill, editor-in-chief, at