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Federal government issues second call for proposals for the National Disaster Mitigation Program

May 12, 2016   by Canadian Underwriter

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Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada has launched its second call for proposals for the National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP).

iStock_000026776671_SmallThe NDMP aims to reduce the impacts of natural disasters on Canadians by focusing investments on significant, recurring flood risk and costs; and by advancing work to facilitate private residential insurance for overland flooding. The amount of funding available for the second call for proposals is approximately $60 million over the next two years, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada said in a press release on Thursday.

The release points out that investments in the NDMP will:

  • Help reduce flood-related risks and losses by supporting provinces and territories, and by extension the communities within their jurisdictions, in areas assessing flood risks, completing flood maps as well as developing mitigation plans for high-risk flood areas;
  • Contribute to establishing conditions for the introduction of a residential flood insurance market in Canada;
  • Collect disaster and risk information in partnership with provinces and territories that will inform investments in mitigation measures and infrastructure; and
  • Facilitate greater knowledge-sharing across emergency management stakeholders.

Provincial and territorial governments are the eligible recipients for funding under the NDMP. There are four funding streams available: risk assessments; flood mapping, mitigation planning; and investment in non-structural and small scale structural mitigation projects.

The first call for proposals was launched in April 2015.