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Aviva Canada expands its commercial insurance coverage

October 26, 2017  

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Photo copyright: Media Ltd Aviva Canada launched Commercial Accident, an offering meant to expand coverage and prevent brokers and customers from having to look to other markets to fill in gaps.

The product will be distributed specifically through brokers who can offer it to their clients representing member associations, volunteer groups or events, charities and businesses.

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Commercial Accident offers protection to members, participants or employees if they are involved in an accident that causes death or bodily injury while on the insured customer’s property, whether at work or participating in an event on location. The policy is designed to provide financial support for members, participants and employees in times of immediate need and can cover medical and other out-of-pocket expenses typically incurred following an accident.

The policy pays lump sum benefits for death, permanent total disability and paralysis. Additional reimbursement benefits that can be added to Commercial Accident include expenses for rehabilitation, repatriation, medical, dental, bereavement, psychological therapy, emergency transportation, daycare, education and spousal retraining.

“As much as we encourage taking the proper safety precautions to mitigate risk of accidents, there is no failsafe to predict when an accident will happen,” said Terri Mitchell, executive director of accident and health at Aviva Canada, in a statement. “We are offering commercial customers a comprehensive and sensible solution to protect the people that matter, and the reputation they have worked hard to achieve.”

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