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Canadians split on driverless cars

January 6, 2016   by Staff

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driverless_sizedA quarter of Canadians can’t wait to hand over the keys and let a driverless car do all the work, a Kanetix survey revealed. Another quarter are happy to stay behind the wheel, but the majority–52 percent–are waiting to see how the technology works before they decide.

Just over half of survey respondents say driverless cars will mean fewer accidents. Other benefits, they predict, include more enjoyable drives (39 percent), less stress on the road (35 percent), no more parking worries (22 percent) and being just “plain cool” (19 percent).

Driverless cars are more popular among Ontarians and the Quebecois than Western Canadians, and among the 18-34 age bracket than older drivers. Plus, twice as many men than women expressed interest.




This story was originally published by Canadian Insurance Top Broker.