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Data: Not what it used to be

April 26, 2017   by Compiled by Gloria Cilliers

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Harnessing client data can be useful. But, understanding your clients’ concerns about their personal data is key to establishing and maintaining trust, we learn from a KPMG survey of Canadian consumers…


of consumers are concerned with how companies handle and use their personal information.


of Canadian consumers who are not comfortable with smartphone and tablet apps using their personal data.


of consumers feel online ad targeting is “creepy”.


The percentage of people worried that organizations lack secure systems that adequately protect their personal data from hackers.


of consumers decided not to purchase online due to privacy concerns.


The percentage of Canadian CEOs who plan to invest in cybersecurity.


The percentage of Canadian CEOs who feel confident that they are fully prepared for a cyberattack.

Sources: KPMG Crossing the line: Staying on the right side of consumer privacy, February 2017; Canadian CEO Outlook 2016

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