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October 2010 Contents

October 25, 2010  

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Community Champion
Sam Ciccolini’s generous spirit has been good for his community, and good for his business
>>Interview by Daryl Angier

GST/HST Issues for Brokers
HST in Ontario and British Columbia will result in additional costs for brokers
>> by Cliff Lee

Make Way for Gen Y
Young clients want immediate service at a fair price
>>by Suzanne Sharma

Direct Competition
The battle continues between brokers and banks
>>by Suzanne Sharma

Sales Discipline
Niche specialization, effective networking and “The Wedge” as keys to new opportunities
>>by Daryl Angier

Untapped Resource
Premium financing is an underused source of cash flow
>>by Reina Teeger

Mergers & Acquisitions
Purchasers have an ethical duty to treat staff with fairness and honesty
>>by CIP Society

This story was originally published by Canadian Insurance Top Broker.