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Playground games lead to liability questions among Toronto school board, students and parents

August 30, 2017   by Staff

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lawsuit-01Two students attending a Toronto Catholic elementary school pushed a peer, which resulted in a broken arm, in 2015. That incident motivated legal action involving multiple parties and discussion regarding who is responsible when children cause harm on school property, reports the Toronto Star.

Later that year, a lawyer representing the injured boy’s family filed a lawsuit against the school, its principal and the Catholic board, seeking $600,000 in general and special damages in addition to costs.

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In June of this year, the school board’s insurer filed a cross-claim against the two children that argues the two children should be accountable for all damages because they broke the rules.

Experts in insurance law told the Toronto Star that naming minors in lawsuits is not uncommon and is usually done with the goal of triggering a parent’s insurance policy to cover costs of a settlement.

The full story is available on the Toronto Star’s website.

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