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Seniors living the RV travel dream

September 18, 2018  

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Road trip in USA, couple relaxing near waterOf the 3.5 million Canadians who travel to Florida each year, 40% drive a car, RV or motorcycle. For an increasing number of the seniors who make the trip to this and other popular destinations, an RV is their vehicle of choice. Travelling by RV has the advantage of being a budget-friendly and flexible way to travel that’s ideally suited to the lifestyle of the older traveller.

For one, senior RV travellers always have a means of getting from place to place, somewhere to stay and the option to prepare their own meals “at home.” With three of the biggest expenses travellers can face during their trip reduced, and given how easy it is to pick up and go, seniors also have the flexibility to visit other destinations at almost any point while they’re away.

If older travellers choose to spend most or all of their time within an RV community, activities such as golf, swimming and pickleball (a popular game among this group that combines badminton, tennis and table tennis) enables them to be more active than if they had spent the winter at home in Canada.

Putting any health issues associated with age aside, a sore back while perfecting a golf swing, a nasty sunburn from too much time spent lounging by the pool or a sprain following a cross-court shot could put older travellers’ experience and their finances in jeopardy. For seniors making several trips across the border, $2,000 USD for a sprained ankle, for example, can be a significant expense.

The lifestyle many seniors have looked forward to for most of their life is one worth protecting. The longer they’re away, the chances of experiencing an unexpected emergency increases. Multi-trip travel insurance offers features and benefits that complement the senior travel lifestyle, allowing travellers to enjoy multiple trips across the border within a year without having to purchase travel insurance each time.

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This story was originally published by Canadian Insurance Top Broker.