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SGI reveals numbers on unauthorized drivers, unregistered vehicles and distracted driving

December 19, 2017   by Staff

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Photo copyright: ChioseaPolice in Saskatchewan caught hundreds of people driving with suspended licences or invalid insurance in the month of November, according to a media release from Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI).

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As part of a Traffic Safety Spotlight, police reported 302 offences for driving while suspended or disqualified, 519 tickets for operating a vehicle or trailer without valid registration and 345 tickets for driving without a valid licence or failing to comply with licence restrictions.

In Saskatchewan, people caught driving with licence suspensions could face Criminal Code charges, fines, jail time and at least a 30-day vehicle seizure.

Police also reported 636 distracted driving offences in November, of which 554 involved cellphone use. This represents the highest number of distracted driving offences reported in the province’s history of Traffic Safety Spotlights.

SGI reports that distracted driving is the most common cause of collisions and injuries in Saskatchewan. It carries a fine of $280.

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