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Survey suggests few B.C. residents have completed emergency preparedness plan

March 19, 2018   by The Canadian Press

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Copyright: Ekaterina MinaevaA new survey for Emergency Management BC has found 54% of respondents had drafted an emergency plan but only 13% said it’s complete.

The Ipsos Reid poll of 1,200 British Columbians was commissioned to determine their knowledge of the particular hazards that threaten them and their level of personal preparedness.

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It suggested most residents can identify their own geographic vulnerabilities, with coastal residents in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island expressing concerns about the threat of tsunamis and earthquakes while those in the Interior and the North were more likely to cite wildfires and floods as hazards.

But only four in 10 reported that they are equipped with an emergency kit in their car, while only three in 10 have a kit at work or a “grab-and-go” bag at home.

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