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Telematics privacy concerns

May 19, 2015   by Staff

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The co-author of a new privacy study argues some customers are concerned about a decreasing level of control in terms of telematics information given to insurers.

“Providing companies comply with it, I think [the law] does do a reasonably good job of protecting Canadians’ data,” says Brenda McPhail, co-author of The Connected Car, a B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association study. But given that the Privacy Commissioner of Canada doesn’t have enforcement powers, “it’s essentially a complaint-based system.”

McPhail argues drivers may sometimes not wish to file a claim on minor accidents. “Is this big enough to make it worthwhile to use the deductible and risk having my rates increase because I’ve had an accident or is it not? That’s the primary concern in terms of information control for people, I think.”

That’s not how Denis Cote sees it. The vice-president of offer management for Desjardins says when it comes to those using the Ajusto telematics program, “we wouldn’t know [if you get into an accident]. The only person who has access to the data is the user of the cell phone.”

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