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The top 10 Canadian weather stories of 2017

December 21, 2017   by Staff

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floods-01Fires and flooding dominate the list of Canada’s Top 10 Weather Stories, released today by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

The list is filled with “examples of how our climate is changing and affecting people in Canada,” the government department said in a news release.

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In 2017, wildfires increased by 66% and consumed four times their usual area. British Columbia had the longest and most destructive fire season in its history.

Flooding was at its worst in western Quebec, eastern Ontario and the interior of B.C.

Also of note, the year spanning from December 2016 to November 2017 was the eighth warmest in the last 70 years, with an average increase of 1.4°C above normal temperatures. For the 21st consecutive year, temperatures were warmer than normal.

Environment and Climate Change Canada ranked the top 10 weather stories based on the impact they had on Canadians, the extent of the areas affected and economic impact, among other factors.

Without further ado, here are Canada’s Top 10 Weather Stories of 2017:

  1. British Columbia’s longest and most destructive wildfire season
  2. Dry and hot in the West
  3. Spring flooding in Quebec and Ontario
  4. British Columbia’s cold and snowy winter
  5. Another Windsor flood: two storms of the century in a year
  6. Central Canada’s missing summer
  7. A new storm of the century
  8. Summer in September
  9. Newfoundland’s Brier blast
  10. New Brunswick’s glaze storm

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