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Tips to Build Professionalism

July 29, 2010   by Glenn R. White

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  1. Conduct business with the highest degree of honesty and integrity.
    All staff should understand the importance of this and must follow this decree. Help your clients understand that this is the foundation of all your business relationships.
  1. Always act in the best interests of your client.Let your clients know that your brokerage conducts business in such a manner that their needs come first, and any remuneration is secondary to that principle.
  2. Use a consultative sales approach.Get your client actively involved in searching out their unique needs, and let them help you find solutions to those needs. Try to build a “business partner” relationship with them.
  3. Be the authority figure.Let your client know that they can rely on you to accurately answer any questions they may have, and that you can give them the expert advice they need in meeting their insurance requirements. Continually upgrade the brokerage’s knowledge and skill-set with appropriate education for all staff.
  4. Empathize with your client.Understand the emotional impact that might occur upon the receipt of written or verbal information from your office, and help your client overcome any anxiety they may feel after suffering an experience that could result in a claim.
  5. Provide outstanding customer service.Clients should be addressed promptly, in a friendly but respectful manner. Foster a culture in your office that demonstrates your staff will go above and beyond when it comes to serving your client and meeting their needs.
  6. Develop a highly polished image.Make sure that the image you wish to project is reflected in your office dress code. Provide an office that goes beyond “clean and orderly” so that your physical environment, functionality and processes, address the five human senses your client will use to perceive a pleasant experience.

Glenn R. White is a broker/partner at Insurance & Financial Planning Group Inc. He is the IBAC National Champion for “Best Practices” and the “Elite Force Producer Academy.”

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