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Top 5 regions for vehicle-deer collisions in Manitoba

October 20, 2015   by Staff

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There are roughly 1,600 vehicle-deer collisions in the Eastman region each year, MPI reports. The area includes Steinbach, Lac du Bonnet, Anola, Birds Hill Park area and Falcon Lake.

Up next is Westman, with 1,450 yearly crashes.

Third on the list is the Interlake, with 1,100 collisions every year.

And tied in fourth place are the city of Winnipeg and Pembina Valley, each seeing 600 crashes a year.

“A collision between a vehicle and an animal can result in a very serious outcome,” said Ward Keith, MPI’s vice-president, business development and communications and chief product officer. “Last year, 300 Manitobans were injured in wildlife-related collisions. Over the last 10 years, eight people in Manitoba have been killed in crashes caused by an animal on a road.”

October and November are the two worst months for vehicle-deer collisions.

These numbers are based on statistics collected by MPI from 2010 to 2014.


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