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Top reasons why your client needs travel insurance

September 21, 2018   by Staff

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Top reasons why your client needs travel insuranceYour client has booked a dream getaway, but they haven’t protected their trip by purchasing travel insurance. How do you convince them that they need this crucial coverage?

Well, don’t worry—we’re here to help. We spoke to the experts at Allianz Global Assistance, who gave us some of the top reasons your client needs travel insurance.

Expect the unexpected

They say life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. If your client has something unexpected pop up—a work emergency, a child’s illness or a parent’s surgery—travel insurance may cover them for a vacation they’re unable to take.

No luggage? No problem.

Losing your luggage isn’t the best way to start a vacation. But travel insurance can reimburse policyholders for essential items when their bags are delayed, damaged or stolen. Then they can enjoy the start of their vacation, even if their luggage hasn’t arrived.

Credit card coverage may not suffice

When something goes wrong with a vacation, travellers may call their credit card companies to dispute charges. But credit cards aren’t designed to cover vacations, so unhappy travellers could be out of luck. Travel insurance offers more extensive coverage when the unexpected happens.

Under the weather?

No one wants to catch the flu while they’re on holiday, but it happens. Travel insurance can help your client get the medical care they need to get back on their feet and feel the sand between their toes.

Health care only covers you at home

While your client may enjoy great health care here in Canada, it doesn’t travel with them. If they have a medical emergency while they’re on vacation, they could be facing a fortune in medical bills. Travel insurance can help ensure they won’t be on the hook if they need medical care or emergency transportation. What’s more, travel insurers can recommend qualified medical facilities in the event of an emergency.

When tour operators go out of business

Picture this: your client’s airline, tour operator or cruise line files for bankruptcy without notice. So much for getting a refund, right? Well, that’s not necessarily the case. Travel insurance can reimburse your client for prepaid expenses when companies they’ve booked with go out of business.

The little things can add up

Your client’s flight has been delayed, and they need to book an extra night in a hotel room and pay for meals. Travel insurance can help reimburse them for these expenses.

When a refund isn’t a refund

Your client’s cruise line has had to cancel a trip, and, rather than issuing a true refund, they send your client a credit voucher with strict stipulations on how it can be used. What kind of a refund is that? Travel insurance can get your client their money back.

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