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Paid Build a successful insurance career: 332 top performers reveal what it takes

March 13, 2018   by DGA Careers

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Are you pushing yourself to get out of bed to go to work each morning? Has your work become less interesting or challenging? Or do you simply feel that you’re wasting your talent and energy in your current role?

If you’re feeling disengaged and disconnected from your work, you’re not alone. Numerous studies have consistently shown that the vast majority of Canadian employees feel this way (anywhere from thirty to seventy percent). Disengaged employees have lower job satisfaction, decreased productivity and higher stress levels

Why let your insurance career go to waste?

You don’t have to, according to groundbreaking new research results.

In June 2017, DGA Careers, a boutique, national recruiting firm specializing in insurance, conducted a survey to learn more about what’s most important to those working in insurance today. 964 respondents weighed in on what uniquely attracts them to work in insurance, what areas of insurance interest them most and what employers need to do to engage, motivate and retain them.

There’s untapped potential!

According to this research, there are many talented, driven people within the industry, aspiring to make an impact and progress in expertise and responsibility. 41% of respondents (332) described themselves as “high-potential (early to mid-stage of their career), learned and grown tremendously in recent years and ambitious to continue success.” The survey analysis compared and contrasted results between the total group and those who self-identified as “high-potential” and found many similarities but some notable differences.

The time is right

A previous 2013 DGA survey of employers had identified that insurance organizations were not putting priority on “identifying and developing the next generation of insurance industry leaders.” Five years later, many companies have paid the price for their lack of foresight and are now working hard to resource and develop leadership talent.

The current reality is that the insurance industry is ripe for opportunity for those who are looking to grow their careers and make a real contribution. Employers are actively building their leadership teams. No matter how deep a rut you may feel you’re in, even if you’re that person who is struggling to motivate yourself to go to work each morning, you could be the next insurance superstar. But what does it take, according to the research? Continued below.

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Survey says: How to build a successful insurance career

The most important qualities and characteristics for success, according to survey respondents, are built around a common theme. Insurance is changing and evolving as the industry is challenged with game-changing new technologies and innovative new business models.

Eagerness, willingness and openness to learn are paramount according to respondents, Adaptability and flexibility go hand-in-hand as exemplified by comments like “Keen to learn, open to new ideas, willing to help, solution finding approach, creativity to cater to new and unique risks.”

Managing, embracing and driving change are critical in this time of disruption. As one respondent put it: “Willingness to change, drive change. Understanding customers’ needs and using technology to make it easier for them to do business with you.”

The high-potential group felt even more strongly than total respondents that passion and hard work, along with attention to detail, are also vital components of success in insurance. One respondent summed it up as “Passion, commitment, integrity, kindness, attention to detail, openness to ideas, being a great listener, always striving for excellence.”

Motivation was a big keyword for those identifying as high-potential, which interestingly did not feature in total responses. It’s apparent that motivation, ambition and drive are key differentiators between those who identify as high-potential and total survey respondents, when reviewing the full results of the study.


>Download your FREE copy of the research report now!

Full research results now available

The complete results of this research have been summed up in a three-part series, the first of which is now available for download. Part One also covers what attracts people to insurance, what is unique about the insurance industry and areas of insurance that are of greatest interest. There were some surprising gaps between areas of insurance that appeal most to people vs their actual experience.

Click >here to download the first research report without the need to complete any forms. Please email if you have any questions on this report.

The research referenced in this article was conducted by DGA Careers, Canada’s only National Executive Search and Recruitment firm focused exclusively on the insurance industry, since 1986.