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Paid Part 3 of DGA study reveals how to achieve your ideal insurance career

May 29, 2018   by DGA Careers

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What direction do you see your insurance career taking over the next five years? Are you on a path to the C-suite or other leadership role? Alternatively, do you have a more entrepreneurial vision for either starting a company or joining a startup? Perhaps you see yourself developing a game-changing new product. Or, you may be seeking opportunities that boost your ability to make a major difference to your team, company and the industry.

If any of these descriptions sound like you, you’ve got a lot in common with others who view themselves as having “high potential” to become future insurance leaders, with a vision to impact and shape what the industry looks like moving forward. Part 3 of extensive research conducted with those currently working in insurance has brought to light their perspective and outlook on where their careers are headed over the next five years.

What did the research uncover?

DGA Careers, a boutique, national recruiting firm specializing in insurance, conducted a comprehensive 2017 study to learn more about what is most important to insurance employees when it comes to career development. The survey probed into subjects like what uniquely attracts talent to work in insurance, what areas of insurance interest them most, how they search for and find the right opportunities and what employers need to do to engage, motivate and retain them.

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Future insurance leaders

Remarkably, 34% of respondents (332 of 964), described themselves as “high-potential (early to mid-stage of their career), learned and grown tremendously in recent years and ambitious to continue success.” How do these top performers see their career evolving over the next five years and what are they focused on to ensure success?

More than 300 open-ended responses provided considerable insights into the attitudes high-potential insurance employees have towards their careers. Most responses were upbeat and positive, with clearly stated goals and a thoughtful plan to achieve them.


Top insurance performers embrace change and risk

Many are enthusiastic about the way the industry is “rapidly changing” and evolving. As one respondent stated, the “Insurance industry will be changing the way it is sold and the products that are offered.” Top performers thrive on providing the impetus for innovation and transformation, as illustrated by one respondent’s comment, “I want to move to an industry role that provides me the opportunity to drive change.”

There were a number of budding entrepreneurs in the high-potential respondent group. One respondent has “the goal of becoming Chief Data Officer or equivalent at an innovative established insurer, or at an insurtech startup.” Another wants to “Grow a new company and offer opportunities to others for part-time employment in my firm.”

Get Part 3 of the research results

The complete results of this research have been compiled into a three-part article series, the third of which is now available for download. It provides a balanced perspective from the industry’s top performers on how they envision their insurance career trajectories, and candid feedback on what they’re doing to achieve their goals.

Clicking on the button below will take you directly to the third research report without the need to complete any forms. Please email if you have any questions on this report.


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The research referenced in this article was conducted by DGA Careers, Canada’s only National Executive Search and Recruitment firm focused exclusively on the insurance industry, since 1986.

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  1. Derek says:

    Autonomous vehicles will suck the insurance industry down into it’s vortex. Unemployment will become rampant just as many global economists predict with this new technology. Even politicians are warning the masses that careers will be shirt lived and that the new generation of workers need to prepare to have 3 or 4 careers within their lifetime. Optimism is great but it needs to be tempered with the realities of the new economy just over the horizon.

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