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Advanced Investigating/Statement Taking- Webinar

by The Insurance Institute of New Brunswick
March 23, 2023

Advanced Investigating/Statement Taking 

Investigative Interviewing and Statement Taking (2.0 hours)

Wonder what are the stages of an Advanced investigative interview or statement taking? Would you like to learn how to properly prepare and what approach should be taken in conducting it?

Are you a telephone adjuster, field adjuster, examiner, or a claim Manager? This Webinar is for you! In this session, you will learn how to further improve your Interviewing/investigating and statement-taking skills!

“Checklists and templates are useful tools but Interviewing and Statement Taking is a skill that requires practice”.
K. Eaton

Webinar Agenda:

1- Role of the Adjuster
2- Why take statements
3- Types of interviews
4- Interviews vs interrogation
5- Essential skills of an effective interviewer
6- Steps of planning an interview
7- Interview Location
8- Nine important keys to establishing rapport
9- Five steps of listening
10- Six components to the cognitive interview technique
11- Introduction stage
12- Open-ended and close-ended questions
13- Question stage
14- Drawing our complete response
15- Clarifying questions
16- Direct question
17- Guidelines to direct questions
18- Follow up questions
19- Seven key elements to becoming an effective listener
20- Obstacles to effective listening
21- Four areas a good interviewer must be familiar with
22- Conclusion

Learning Objective: Review Interviewing and Statement Taking skills.

About the Presenter:

Walter Tingley, CIP
National Sales Executive
Crawford & Company ( Canada) Inc.

44 years of claims experience. Telephone Adjuster, Bodily Injury Adjuster, Auto Appraiser, Property Appraiser, Surety Bond Adjuster, Commercial Property and Casualty Adjuster (Builders Risk (COC), Wrap up Liability, General Liability, Products Liability, Environmental, Cargo, Professional Liability, Transportation, Business Interruption), Catastrophe Adjuster, Catastrophe Manager, Branch Manager, Regional Claims Manager (national insurer).

– IINS, Past Board member (10 years) and President.
– Current, National Sales Executive, Crawford and Company.
– Current, CIAA executive / member
– Current, Chair of Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities Group Insurance Committee.
– Current, Municipal Councillor for District 7, Lantz – Milford in the Municipality of East Hants, NS.
– Current, Private Pilot.

Presentation: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Atlantic Time
Registration Deadline:  April 11, 2023

Please register with your local Insurance Institute: IINBIINS, IIPEIINLIISK.

Questions? Contact
Christine Doucet
Education Coordinator
Office: 506-386-5896

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