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The Anatomy of an Investigation – 2 Day Workshop

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by ACFE Toronto Chapter
October 02 - October 03, 2018
BMO Institute for Learning 3550 Pharmacy Ave. Toronto, ON M1W 3Z3


Investigations are happening everywhere. They cover any topic; harassment in the work place, cyber-bullying, fraud, expense account abuse, conflict of interest, theft of product, irresponsible conduct. Everyone is becoming an investigator.

But, to be a good investigator, you need to know the fundamentals. The body of work required is always made of the same parts. If you examine the anatomy of an investigation, certain principles exist, certain steps are necessary, certain rules apply. This seminar studies that body of work.

– How do you actually know when there is something to investigate?
– What kind of investigative team is appropriate?
– What does the Company environment tell you?
– How do you collect evidence properly?
– Can you expect employees to participate in the process?
– How do you interview well?
– Does a respondent have any rights?
– What does a good investigation report look like?
– What role do experts play?
– How do you use the end product?

Lawyer Ross Dunsmore and a team of experienced investigators and counsel will answer these questions. If you take this anatomy course, you will be well on your way to understanding the components of a good investigation.

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