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At the Forefront: From the Great Fire of London to COVID 19 – Webinar (EST)

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by Insurance Institute of Ontario
August 26, 2020
Webinar: August 26, 2020 11 am - 12 pm EST

From the Great Fire of London to COVID 19: What is next for the global reinsurance market?

The global reinsurance market has in many ways fundamentally remained the same since it’s formative days in Lloyds of London over three hundred years ago. But the rise of big data and growing interest in catastrophic risk as an investment class by pension funds threatens it with disruption.

In this talk, Matt Wolfe, President of Aon Reinsurance Solutions Canada will take you through a short history of reinsurance, including how its evolved to be a critical component of a well-functioning risk trading marketplace and some of the major events  that challenged the industry and spurned it to adapt.

You’ll also gain insight into the current state of the global reinsurance market, and the technological changes that threaten to permanently upend the industry. You’ll also hear firsthand the industry’s challenges old and new: including climate change threatening the profitability of their core property catastrophe business while unforeseen emerging risks like COVID-19 introduce unpredicted exposures. Will the industry innovate and grow or retreat and contract?

About Matt Wolfe:
Matt Wolfe is the President of Aon’s Canadian Reinsurance Solutions team and brings unmatched analytics and insights to clients across the country. Beginning his career as an underwriter for directors’ and officers’ liability insurance for a large global insurer, Matt then spent 15 years at a reinsurance brokerage, rising to the position of managing director for their Canadian operations. He then joined Aon in 2016 as Senior Vice President and focused on North American property and casualty reinsurance. Matt is a highly regarded speaker and industry contributor on the future of reinsurance in Canada and the role of capital markets in the sector.

Matt Wolfe 
Aon Reinsurance Solutions Canada

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