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by Canadian Defence Lawyers
November 14, 2017
20 Toronto Street Conference Centre 200-20 Toronto Street

Chaired by:
Teresa Drijber (CICMA, OSBIE),
Sonja Bonanni (CIAA, Crawford),
Michelle Dunbar (CDL, Civil Defence Lawyer)

This joint program between CDL, CICMA and CIAA is developed to appeal to Adjusters, Claims Managers and Lawyers.

AB Update: Philippa G. Samworth, Partner, Dutton Brock LLP

Update about the latest cases from the LAT and other exciting AB news!

Cyber Insurance Panel: Dan Michaluk, Partner, Hicks Morley, Alexandre Juneau, Senior Claims Specialist, Chubb, Patrick Pourk, Leader, Integro
The market for cyber insurance continues to evolve with each high profile incident. Our panelists will include a claims specialist, a broker and a breach coach and will provide an update that encompasses the claims environment, coverage issues, claims initiation issues and incident response practice.

Additonal Insured: Talaal Bond, Partner, Matthews Abogado LLP

The Carneiro Decision broadened the duty to defend the “Additional Insured” and it was followed by an appeal decision out of Alberta. What does this mean for claims managers and decisions that get made on files?

Emerging Issues in Construction Losses: Brett Rideout, Partner, Genest Murray LLP

This session will cover emerging issues in constructions losses with an emphasis on coverage provided under Builder’s Risk and Course of Construction policies of insurance.    As construction projects become larger in scale and cost, the stakes at issue in construction losses have become greater.  This session will review recent trends involved in large scale construction losses insured under Builder’s Risk/Course of Construction policies and will include a discussion of attempts by insureds to broaden the scope of coverage to encompass consequential losses, to narrow the exclusions to coverage under the policies and a review as to how the Courts have recently dealt with these issues.

Waivers of Liability: Let’s Get the Big Picture : Susan E. Gunter, LL.M., Partner, Dutton Brock LLP, Alexandre Proulx, Blacklock Law Firm

  • Are waivers worth the paper they’re written on?
  • Is there a standard national approach to waiver enforceability?
  • Can children’s waivers be enforced?    

Trials of a Trial: Aleksandra Zivanovic LL.M., Boghosian + Allen LLP  & Riaz Coolman, Claims Manager,  Northbridge Financial
When insurers tend to settle so many claims before trial, how are defence lawyers to obtain trial experience?

  • the various factors at play in determining whether a matter ought to go to trial
  • the certain types of claims that lend themselves to relatively short and cost-effective trials
  • balancing the opportune moment to settle a claim v. flagging certain matters that may be good for trial

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