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COVID-19 Insurance Claims Update – Live webinar

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by Risk Management Counsel of Canada (RMC)
December 01, 2020

COVID-19 has exposed us all to a lot of new challenges and risks. For insurers, those risks includes a number of new claims that have arisen directly from the pandemic. In this webinar, RMC lawyers from across Canada will provide an update on three prevalent claims and the strategies insurers can use to defend them.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption claims and class action suits have dominated the headlines since the early days of the outbreak. Andrew Epstein of Lindsay LLP and Pascale Caron of Donati Maisonneuve will provide an update on major rulings from England, the United States, France and Canada and discuss how those decisions will impact the defence of on-going claims.

Liability Waivers

Soon after the outbreak started, many business owners required their customers and visitors to sign a waiver of liability requiring visitors to agree that the business would not be liable if the visitors contracted the virus while on the business’ premises. Breanne Campbell of SVR Lawyers will review whether these waivers are enforceable, how they should be administered, and will provide an update on provincial governments’ intention to enact legislation to limit liability of these claims. Pascale Caron of Donati Maisonneuve will also review how liability waivers are viewed by the courts under the Civil Code in Quebec.

Claims from Employees

Meat plant workers, long-term care home staff and transit works are just a few of the many employees who have contracted COVID-19 in the workplace. Many employers are now facing negligence claims and class actions suits from these employees. Katherine Melnychuk of McKercher LLP will review the cases before the Courts, the types of claims being made by plaintiffs, how an employer’s liability may be determined and how insurers can best defend these claims.

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