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Defending Psychological Claims – Live Webinar

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by Risk Management Counsel of Canada (RMC)
April 06, 2022

Psychological claims have been on the rise for many years. High-profile athletes withdrawing from competition, greater awareness of the symptoms and long-term impact of concussions and PTSD, and the increased focus on mental health in the workplace during the pandemic have increased the likeliness of a further rise in claims in the years to come.

In this RMC webinar, our panel of lawyers from across Canada will provide claims handlers and adjusters with the tools they need to properly evaluate and investigate insurance and liability claims with a psychological component. Specific topics addressed by the panel will include:

  • The common types of psychological claims made to insurers
  • Signs to watch for when reviewing a claim
  • How to assess causation
  • Subjective component / assessing credibility of the claimant
  • Conducting surveillance
  • The different types of expert witnesses for psychological claims and when to use each one
  • Recent case law examples from across Canada

Set yourself up to successfully defend psychological claims.

Our Panel

Stephanie Charlton
Cox & Palmer

Kelly Robinson
CBM Lawyers

Tiffany Tsang
Lindsay LLP

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