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E-bonding Webinar – A refresher on what it is and the benefits

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by Surety Association of Canada
February 20, 2020
By Webinar -

Date: Thursday, February 20, 2020
Time: 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (EST)
Target Audience: Project Owners & Municipalities
Cost: Free
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Electronic bid submissions benefit all those involved in the tendering process for the following reasons:

1) tender laws require strict, error free compliance,

2) time pressure associated with tender closings,

3) more environmentally friendly, and

4) the cost savings for all parties involved in the tendering process.

From a technical standpoint, the technology to create, record, execute and deliver electronic bonds is commercially available.  Regardless of the system used, it is important that the end-user trusts the process and is assured that the “document” received is as valid as any paper equivalent. In that regard it’s crucial that any electronic document received meet three threshold criteria:

Integrity of Content
The assurances that the document received is the true document executed and the content has not been changed or altered.

Secure Access
Restricting the access to the document to those authorized to view and/or download it.

Verifiability / Enforceability
Assurances that the document was duly executed by the parties identified and that it is enforceable in law.

This webinar is intended for project owners, municipalities and others who are seeking to gain a better understanding of the benefits of e-bonding and how their internal procurement process can be integrated to allow for the acceptance of bids and tenders electronically.

This webinar is being presented by:

  • Surety Association of Canada

In partnership with:

  • MERX
  • Mobile Bonds
  • Xenex Enterprises Inc.


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