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FREE CSIO WEBINAR: The Future of APIs and Digital Identity

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October 13, 2021

In this webinar Doug Brown and John Tobin tell a story of a 5 year journey enabling business using Digital Identity and API Gateways for a leading Canadian Carrier. Included is an overview of the transformative power of APIs, API Gateways, Digital Identity and how are they perfectly paired. The Solsys colleagues relate their journey from inception to business realization and legacy retirement for a large enterprise client. It includes description of Agile Product delivery and enabling technology to support realization of the customers business case for API Gateway Transformation and Legacy retirement. Also covered,

● Accelerating innovation – Enable business to compete and react at a faster pace

● Business enablement – Introduce new products & services with minimal friction an minimal incremental support costs

● Staying relevant – Move value proposition to new channels

● Operational & Business Efficiencies – Self service and custom onboarding mechanisms and understanding roles

● Scaled Support – Deep instrumentation and visibility to reduce MTTR of issues to support and measure SLAs

● Service Deployment Control – Policy sets and authentication mechanisms to protect your customers and network

● Retiring Legacy – Leveraging a strangle architecture to retire legacy

This webinar is accredited in Manitoba, Ontario (Management hour) and Saskatchewan and pending accreditation in Alberta.

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