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Free Information Session on the Property Mediation / Appraisal Process

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by Crawford & Company Canada Inc.
March 01 - March 31, 2019
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Did you know that the property mediation / appraisal process can be used as a speedy, inexpensive, and impartial method to determine the fair price or valuation of lost or damaged insured property when there is a difference in opinion, between the insured and insurer on the value of insured property or the amount of an insured loss?

Crawford is offering our valued insurer clients access to a free, intimate information session about property mediation / appraisal processes and how to leverage it to expedite the claims process.

Learning Takeaways  

  • What is property mediation / appraisal?
  • When to initiate the property mediation / appraisal process?
  • What to expect from the property mediation / appraisal process?
    –  How to invoke it?
    –  Who are the key players?
    –  How decisions are made?
  • Understand the benefits of utilizing property mediation / appraisal

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