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Handling Claims Involving Uninsured, Under-Insured and Unknown Motorists – Live Webinar

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by Risk Management Counsel of Canada (RMC)
May 05, 2022

Insurance claims involving uninsured motorists bring up numerous legal issues and claims management steps not found in other MVA claims. Whether it is an accident involving your own insured who is denied coverage or an accident involving another driver who doesn’t have insurance, it is important that the right steps be taken at the outset of the file.

In this YRMC webinar for new claims handlers and adjusters, lawyers from across Canada will provide insurers with examples of different scenarios involving uninsured, under-insured and unknown motorists and discuss how each claim should be handled. Specific topics covered will include:

How the Insurance Act defines and handles uninsured motorists

  • What to look for when a claim lands on your desk
  • The $200,000 exposure limit for insurers

Things to look out for and what to do when dealing with uninsured/unidentified motorists

  • When you can deny coverage to your insured and the steps to take
  • Your exposure when your uninsured motorist is found liable
  • When insurers need to be named a statutory third party
  • How the 1% rule on liability impacts claims
  • The insured’s obligation to make efforts to identify the other driver/owner of vehicle
  • Steps to take when your insured is named but the policy is not triggered

Understanding your exposure when your insured is involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist

  • When the SEF 44 endorsement is used
  • How claims progress through the motor vehicle accident fund

The webinar will conclude with a review recent and influential case law examples that illustrate how the courts rule in difference uninsured motorist scenarios.


Joachim Chau
CBM Lawyers

Amy Stewart
Cox & Palmer

Jennifer Therrien
Kelly Santini LLP

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