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Handling MVAs Involving Minor and Incapacitated Claimants

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by Risk Management Counsel of Canada (RMC)
June 28, 2022

Handling a typical MVA claim is routine for most insurance adjusters and claims handlers. But what happens when the accident involves an injured minor or someone incapacitated? In this YRMC webinar for new claims handlers and adjusters, RMC lawyers from Alberts, BC and Ontario will review the key differences in the claims settlement process and the steps to take at the outset, during the claims settlement process, and when an agreement is reached.

Key covered in the webinar will include:

  • The Minors Property Act and Litigation Representative
  • Initial steps to take when a claim lands on your desk
  • Assessing damages
  • How contributory negligence changes assessments
  • How parents/guardian named as 3rd parties impacts the litigation
  • Questions to ask during discovery of litigation representative
  • How to conduct examinations with a minor
  • Red flags – when and how to declare someone incapable
  • Limitation Periods for claims involving minors
  • Court approval process for settlements in Ontario, Alberta, and BC

The webinar will conclude with a look at case law and damage awards examples from the Ontario, Alberta and BC courts.


Anna Iourina
Blaney McMurtry LLP

Carmen Tham
Lindsay LLP

Paul Grewal
SVR Lawyers

Stuart Gray
SVR Lawyers

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