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IBAO Webinar: Promoting Insurance To Value for Commercial Accounts

February 02, 2023

Following a property or liability loss, perhaps the most devastating news for a business owner is learning they do not have sufficient insurance limits to cover their loss! Underinsurance typically leads to some serious questions on the part of the business owner such as: “Can I recover from this? Will I be able to re-open my business?”

By attending this informative webinar participants will be able to:

  • Identify underinsurance zones in a typical commercial account
  • Explain the need for additional coverage due to municipal and provincial by-laws and building codes
  • Recognize the importance of documenting discussions with clients to prevent an E & O loss for the broker and the brokerage
  • Distinguish the difference between a “cold shell” and “warm shell” condo unit and the impact on coverage limits
  • Discuss at a high level, business Income (Interruption) coverage limits
  • Understand the various types insurance obligations in a commercial tenant’s lease agreement
  • Draw their clients’ attention to the need for higher Commercial General Liability Policy limits in today’s world
  • Gain tips for selling Insurance to Value throughout the webinar

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