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IISA – Farm 101 – Introduction to Farm Insurance

by Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta
April 06, 2023

Did you know that the farming industry in Alberta is the second largest industry, second only to the oil industry? Many farm policies are undervalued and don’t have adequate coverages. Protect yourself and your clients from unexpected and underinsured losses.

Canadian farms are unique entities requiring a combination of homeowners, commercial property and commercial liability coverage. Distinctive products have been developed to provide the specialized coverage required for these exceptional enterprises. Participants will learn how to recognize the differences between the residential, farm property and liability components of Farm Insurance. Attendees will gain credibility with clients and be able to better understand and/or describe farm risks to underwriters. In addition, you will have a greater sense of how claims are settled for the majority of farm types. Seedmen’s Errors and Omissions – what is this unique coverage, how does the see growing/handling business operate and what types of risk do they bring?

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