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IISA – Oil & Gas – Learning From Losses and their Insurance Implications

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by Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta
May 26 - May 31, 2022

This course is considered to be a secondary level to the Basic Oil and Gas course previously taught by the George Sutherland and Arnie Zippel. This session will cover six specific case studies of common Oil and Gas losses resulting from cold weather conditions, corrosion, erosion, faulty workmanship and poor training and or supervision.

Insurance topics include:

– Gross Negligence in oilfield contracts
– Indemnity Agreements and the JOA
– Pollution on/off lease site
– Overlapping Insurance policies
– Exclusion of Faulty Workmanship and Consequential Loss

In each case study we will provide an overview of the loss, provide detail on root causes and explain basic industry best practices. Then as part of the case study, a review will be completed of the insurance concepts relating to the specific loss.

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