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Insurance Institute – Commercial Contracts & Leases – (EST)

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by Conestoga Chapter, IIO
October 05, 2021
On-Line 1:00 pm - 4:15pm(EST)

Commercial contracts and leases are not based on a standard form and each contract and lease will differ in terms and conditions.  This seminar is designed to introduce you to common terms and conditions in the types of contracts and leases that your commercial customers will be entering into.

Here is what you will learn about during the seminar:

(1) Elements of a Legal Contract;

 (2) Credit Agreements;

(3) Leases (Net Leases/ Net Net Leases/ Net Net Net Leases);

 (4) Hold Harmless Agreements;

(5) The Contractual Liability Extension under the Commercial General Liability policy (IBC No: 2100)  

  • The “contractual liability” exclusion in a CGL Policy
  • Exceptions to the exclusion
  • Related exclusions
  • Recent case law interpreting these exclusions

CE Hours: 3  Hours (ON/MB/AB)

Facilitated by:

Tim Gillibrand, LLB., Strigberger, Brown, Armstong LLP

Mikel Pearce, LLB., Strigberger, Brown, Armstong LLP

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