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Insurance Institute – Artificial intelligence as a research tool

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by Insurance Institute of Ontario
November 10, 2020
Webinar- November 10, 2020 from 1 - 2:15 pm EST

Polly is radically changing the way market research is conducted. She studies what large, representative samples of populations are saying on social media and turns what she learns into actionable insights. When she’s wrong, she learns from it. And she does all of this in seconds.

Polly is not your average researcher. “She” is an artificial intelligence tool developed by homegrown Canadian company Advanced Symbiotics Inc. (ASI). Polly is so spot-on in her analysis, she was selected as the official pollster of TV Ontario. In her short life, she accurately predicted the outcomes of the 2015 federal election, the 2016 BREXITvote, the 2016 American presidential election, the 2018 Ontario provincial election and the 2019 federal election.

Join ASI CEO Erin Kelly to learn more about Polly and how AI-augmented market research is disrupting traditional research methods such as polling and focus group testing. You’ll learn how AI-driven data is adapting to rapidly changing business and socio-cultural environments, and how it’s being utilized to navigate the response to COVID-19.

This session is perfect for those in marketing and customer-facing roles, as well as those who want to learn more about artificial intelligence and how it is improving outcomes.

Join us virtually this year as we also recognize the 2020 recipients of the John E Lowes, Toronto Insurance Council and Lloyd King Scholarships. It is a great opportunity to celebrate and learn.

Proceeds of this webinar will go to the John E. Lowes Insurance Education Fund. The fund awards financial assistance to students completing a post-secondary education, including property and casualty insurance studies. Please visit our website for more information on the John E. Lowes Insurance Education Fund.

Erin Kelly
President and CEO
Advanced Symbolics Inc. (ASI)

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