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by Insurance Institute of Ontario
November 19, 2020
Webinar- 1 - 2 pm EST

Discover how pay-as-you-go insurance has offered considerable savings during a global pandemic

With many Canadians spending less time behind the wheel, while also managing household budgets, many are rethinking the amount they pay for auto insurance. As driving habits have significantly changed, it has prompted many to ask – why am I paying full price for auto insurance when my vehicle sits idle at home?

Two years ago, CAA Insurance unveiled CAA MyPace, Canada’s first and only auto insurance program that allows motorists to pay for the kilometres they use. With many customers enjoying 40 to 60 per cent savings annually on their auto insurance, it reinforces that insurance should reflect evolving needs and offer solutions that reflect driving less. Join us for an engaging session, where Matthew Turack, President of CAA Insurance, will take you through CAA Insurance’s efforts to innovate and offer unique auto insurance solutions in today’s environment.

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