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Insurance Institute of Ontario- Accident Benefits in Focus

by Insurance Institute of Ontario
October 05, 2022

Are you confident you know all you need to about Accident Benefits (AB), including the optional benefits coverage under the Ontario Automobile Policy? Responsibility for helping consumers understand more about AB coverage lies with the insurance professionals having the most consumer contact. It is especially critical for anyone selling new or renewal policies. Licensed insurance professionals, claims handlers and the underwriters who support them must have a strong understanding of the AB Section so that policyholders receive clear explanations and coverage interpretations from their insurance professional.

You’ll see the benefits of attending this seminar right away in your workplace:

Brokers: comprehend the coverages found in the accident benefits section of the OAP #1 to provide sound advice to your clients.

Underwriters: improve your understanding of the accident benefits section of the OAP #1

Adjusters: quickly identify potential coverage issues and ensure accuracy and understanding of nuances in AB auto claims scenarios.

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