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Insurance Institute of Ontario- Forensic Injury Biomechanics of MVAs

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by Insurance Institute of Ontario
September 21, 2022

In this webinar we will explore how experts investigate MVAs (Motor Vehicle Accidents) when damages are contested. We look at how occupants move during different types of collisions, research on human injury tolerances, crash test dummies, injury probability and how they all tie into an MVA claim. We also discuss human subject testing research. Case examples will be presented as well on low/moderate speed collisions and seatbelt related issues.

Webinar Objectives

– How forensic engineers assist in an auto claim where damages are contested
– The science and process used in assessing a forensic injury biomechanics analysis
– Understand how experts play a role in assisting insurers deny or continue with treatment

If you are a Claims Adjuster or Broker then this session is perfect for you!

Webinar Presenters:
Sami Shaker, Physicist & Client Relations Manager, Kodsi Forensic Engineering
Karla Cassidy, Sr. Biomechanist & Forensic Engineer, Kodsi Forensic Engineering

CE hours: 1 technical RIBO hour

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