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Insurance Institute of Ontario- The Art of Interviewing & Statement Taking

by Insurance Institute of Ontario
February 07, 2023

An interview, at its core, is a search for answers. What happened? How did it happen? Where? When? Who was involved? The answers to these questions can help reveal important details related to an accident or criminal act, but the amount of information you get, and quality of that information, can vary greatly based on the skill of the interviewer.

This presentation will focus on the right questions to ask, how to read people’s body language, and give some insight into conducting a successful interview, whether it’s taking a claim report, investigating a crime scene, or updating an insurance portfolio.

The session will target the following areas:

What is an Interview?
How makes an interview successful?
What is a Cognitive Interview?
Why is it important to build a rapport?
Why is eye contact important?
How can body language be useful?

Who should attend?
This session will provide useful information for a range of industry professionals including brokers, underwriters, and adjusters.

Seminar Facilitator:
Vice President Western Canada and Fire & Explosion Investigator – Origin & Cause

Ken has over 30 years of experience, including 10 years with the Office of the Fire Commissioner of Manitoba, 15 with Origin and Cause and prior experience with WPS. He has conducted more than 2,800 fire and explosion investigations and participated in over 350 tests relating to fire investigation and fire and smoke migration. Ken has been accepted as an expert witness in criminal and civil courts and in arbitration hearings.

CE Hours: 2 Technical Hours pending

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