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Insurance Institute of Ontario- Down to Business with Commercial Property

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by Insurance Institute of Ontario
November 15, 2018
18 King St. East, 16th floor, Toronto, ON, M5C 1C4

The complexities of commercial property insurance are many, and there are very few similarities with residential property insurance.

How do you classify commercial property?
How is the risk assessed?
How are commercial property values established?

These are critical questions without simple answers, because this line of insurance requires a breadth and depth of knowledge that takes time to acquire. Whether you’re making the move from personal lines to commercial lines insurance, or simply interested in expanding your knowledge with future opportunities in mind, you’ll benefit from learning the fundamentals of commercial property insurance with our expert speaker.

In addition to learning about the technical aspects, you’ll have the opportunity to practice and apply what you learn during the session using real life situations. Whether you’re a broker, underwriter or claims adjuster, come explore the fundamentals of commercial property insurance and walk away armed with new knowledge that applies directly to your role.

Brokers: Learn how to accurately assess customer needs and recommend a policy to fit those needs.

Underwriters: Learn about the risks associated with the customer and policy so that it can be accurately reflected in the rate/premium.

Adjusters: Learn about Commercial Property Insurance so that you can process the claim in good faith within the limits of the policy.

By the end of the seminar you will be able to:


  • Describe how commercial property insurance differs from residential property insurance.
  • Identify simple and comprehensive ways to classify property.
  • Describe the factors used to assess risk associated with a commercial property.
  • Explain how and why property values are determined when insurance is purchased.
  • List common commercial property policy wording clauses and exclusions


Seminar Leader
Lydia-Sherry Obinim, FCIP

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