Homes today run the gamut from 250 square foot Tiny Homes to 25,000 square foot Mansions. Somehow insurance professionals need to find the right way to insure them all.

Partly due to skyrocketing real estate prices, but also due to concerns for the environment, and a yearning for a simpler life, the tiny homes movement has taken off, and with it, concerns about the proper way to insure tiny structures.

Laneway homes , which are homes built into pre-existing lots, can help increase urban density and (theoretically) moderate house prices in urban cities, including in Waterloo Region, but what is the best way to insure them?

And while insurance products readily exist to cover heritage and high-value homes , concerns about underinsurance and replacement cost value are extremely common. Heritage homes have many unique characteristics (think hand-carved elements) that are difficult to assess and include in property evaluations, while high-value properties often raise questions about whether adequate replacement cost coverage is in place.

In this half day seminar we will cover underwriting considerations, new insurance products and their features, and claims examples.

If you are a broker, claims or underwriting professional and want to get the most up to date information about unique and unusualproperties, how to properly insure them, and how to talk to your clients about them make sure you register today!

Seminar Leader: Melanie Needham, FCIP, CRM
President, MRD Consulting

RIBO CE Hours: 3 Technical hours

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