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Certificates of Insurance – Webinar – (EST)

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by Conestoga Chapter, IIO
March 03, 2021
On-Line 9:00am - 12:15pm


This seminar will discuss the appropriate use of certificates of insurance, elaborate on when to use them and describe how to communicate effectively with certificate requesters, clients and underwriters.

In addition to discussing current case law regarding certificates of insurance, cover notes, binders and other ancillary insurance documents, this seminar will focus on:
how to achieve greater efficiency and minimize paperwork
– how to manage customer expectations and suggestions for controlling errors and omissions exposures.

The facilitator will also provide suggestions for eliminating the use of certificates of insurance as much as possible and educating clients to harmonize the service relationship when it comes to paperwork.



Seminar Leader
Melanie Needham,FCIP, CRM

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