Brokers are trusted by their employers, insurers and consumers, and rely on word of mouth for success. Having a reputation for being ethical is essential. Every day we are bombarded by stories of corporate scandals and ethical dilemmas in organizations. Once seen as a “nice to know,” ethics training is now a “must.” A commitment to conducting business lawfully and ethically is fundamental to an organization’s existence and its success.

In this one-hour in person seminar, you’ll learn how to identify and address ethical dilemmas, while earning your Ethics CE credit requirement. You can attend from 11-12 or from 1-2.

You’ll leave this session being able to:

  • Create a standard of conduct and values for job performance
  • Show that Personal ethics includes work ethic
  • Outline duties to your employer, your customer and your insurer
  • Demonstrate the importance of making ethical decisions
  • Outline the hallmarks of ethical Awareness and ethical leadership
     Leader: Melanie Needham, FCIP, CRM
    CE hours: 1 (RIBO)

Discounts available for large groups!