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Insurance Institute of Ontario- U.S. Products Liability

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by Insurance Institute of Ontario
May 10, 2018
GTA OFFICE 18 King St. East, 16th floor, Toronto, ON, M5C 1C4

This new half-seminar will allow underwriters to gain a practical understanding of the general U.S. Liability market and it’s underwriting practices as it relates to Products Liability for U.S. export. This session would also greatly benefit brokers, claims adjusters and risk managers.

By then end of this session, you will have a better understanding of:

Introduction to US Product Liability

– Origin of products liability law
– Judicial & regulatory system
– Defences to product liability
– 4 external factors impacting products liability
– Why is it the most expensive legal system? 

Underwriting US Products Liability

– Supply chain
– 8 internal factors influencing products exposure
– Rating tools and underwriting resources
– Underwriting considerations for US products export
– Emerging risks in US liability
– Liability trends

Seminar Leader
Klaus Navarrete, Chief Agent and Managing Director
HDI Global SE Canada Branch



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