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Kidnap and Extortion: The Evolution of Extortive Crime in the Digital Age

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by Hunter McCorquodale
April 12, 2019
Vantage Venues, 150 King St. West, 27th floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 1J9 Directly above the St. Andrew's subway.

Matt Boynton

Control Risks

Senior Partner, Response

In a world more closely connected than at any other time in history, current and future generations experience the world, and its perils, in ways far different to those of the past.  Technological evolution, with all of its benefits, also provides opportunity for criminal exploitation in ways only imagined in the past.  This presentation will examine the transition of traditional extortive crime in the virtual world and the future impact on individual globalization – the ability of a single person to shrink the world into a mobile device held in a pocket – on each of us, our families and our businesses.

Using real world examples, Control Risks Senior Partner for Confidential Crisis Response, Matt Boynton, will address a myriad of tech-enabled crimes which are now brought directly into the office, the living room and literally, into the palms of our hands and will assist us in mitigating these exposures whether we know they exist or not.

Lottie Catto

Hiscox Special Risks

SIR Strategic Development Manager

Security Incident Response (SIR) is a unique insurance policy developed in response to the increasingly complex security environment companies are facing. SIR provides immediate global access to the specialist capabilities of Control Risks in the event of a broad range of crises. Hiscox and Control Risks’ innovative security solution has been recognized with a number of awards from the insurance and business continuity industries. Lottie will discuss how SIR offers companies the global resources to scale up their response to unforeseen and unbudgeted critical events, thereby minimizing disruption to business and impact on balance sheet and reputations.

Hosted by:

Hunter McCorquodale

Special Risk Underwriters, Lloyd’s Coverholder

8:30 am Continental Breakfast
9:00 am- 10:30 am Presentations

See invitation for further details and RSVP or contact:
Sophie Strezos-Egnatis
Managing Director
CE accreditation pending.
Seating is limited.

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