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Pre-launch Biild Commercial

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by BiiCanada Inc
February 05, 2020
Hilton Garden Inn, Markham Ontario & Remote Access

Pre-Launch Biild Commercial; Morning Session

 Biild Commercial promises to be an effective tool generating instant rebuilding costs for commercial structures based on factual data from a simple address search.  Biild utilizes MPAC’s commercial database (every commercial property in Ontario).  Rebuilding amounts are determined from this data utilizing one of Canada’s leading calculator companies.   Address searches will be complimented with valuable property insight based on business description, location and physical attributes. This will include, fire protection, Imagery and several other very important pieces of data and processes we will share at our event.  Biild Commercial will also work in any other area of  Canada without pre-filled attributes.  We are working towards pre-filled data in other regions of Canada.

At the event, speakers from MPAC and e2Value will discuss the accuracy of the data and how rebuilding costs are instantly generated.   BiiCanada will showcase our platform, provide pricing and introductory incentives to pilot our launch of Biild Commercial.

The formal session starts at 9am.  Complimentary breakfast at 8am

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