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Understanding Serious Injury: Enhanced New Format (5 days)

by Insurance Institute of Ontario
October 06, 2017
18 King Street East, 16th floor, Toronto, ON, M5C 1C4

New Program Format & Modules:

We listened to your feedback, and have modified the format of the program to better suit your time constraints and availability. It still contains the same fullness and quality of content, but with a more manageable pacing , with less time away from your desk. Each of the five modules are now spaced out over a total of 10 weeks, to minimize disruption to your day-to-day job.

Module 1 –  Friday Oct. 6, 2017
Module 2 –  Friday Oct. 20, 2017
Module 3 –  Friday Nov. 3, 2017
Module 4 –  Friday Nov. 17, 2017
Module 5 –  Friday Dec. 1, 2017

Program Overview
Developed by IIO in collaboration with OIAA, Understanding Serious Injury is a certificate program that focuses on understanding the injury, the person and the impact of that injury on the person.

What you will learn:

* Better manage the recovery of injured claimants by gaining a broad perspective on accident benefits and bodily injury with a focus on the injured person.

* Learn how the injuries affect the person, what impact external factors may have on recovery and how to direct funds in the rehabilitation process.
The program includes five modules. Each module will be presented by an experienced Technical Facilitator. In addition, an accomplished instructor will participate as a Moderator for the duration of the program to compliment the learning activities. Guest Speakers are included in each module to provide specific technical experience and knowledge. These individuals may be industry experts, rehabilitation specialists, medical professionals, and structured settlement consultants. The fifth and final module is an interactive case study session to allow participants to apply the information learned in the first four modules.

* You’ll be exposed to industry best practices, industry specialists and real-life examples that are delivered with a variety of learning styles. The case study in the last module enables you put everything you’ve learned into practice.

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