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Update on Limitation Periods

by Risk Management Counsel of Canada (RMC)
June 08, 2023

Recent changes in legislation have resulted in important changes to the rules around limitation periods. In Ontario, Bill 118 amended the Occupiers’ Liability Act and impacts when and how slip and fall claims can be made. In Manitoba, an entirely new Limitations Act has been introduced.

In this YRMC webinar, Tor Potter from Kelly Santini LLP in Ottawa and Alexa Smith with Fillmore Riley LLP in Winnipeg will discuss these new Acts and what they mean for insurers.

Part 1 – Manitoba’s New Limitations Act

Alexa will provide a summary of the major changes including:

  • Discoverability Rules
  • Suspensions to Limitation Periods
  • Enforcing a Judgment
  • Transitional periods

Part 2 – Ontario’s Bill 118

Tor will discuss:

  • When the Act applies
  • New requirements for plaintiffs and defendants
  • Written notice vs Statement of Claim
  • Exceptions under the Act
  • The effects of the legislation for insurers

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