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November 10, 2017   by Tia Becker, Manager of Personal Insurance, Burns & Wilcox Canada

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Homeowner policies aimed at individuals with a net worth of $5 million or more are available through specialty markets. High-net-worth policies can provide features suitable for wealthy clients, such as higher limits for valuable collections and custom finishes, access to subject matter experts, and kidnap and ransom coverage.

High-net-worth homeowners are lucrative prospects for brokers placing home insurance because many wealthy people are underinsured. Some are simply not buying home insurance with high-net-worth features and there is a lack of high-net-worth policies that meet their needs.

It is rare for a wealthy person to actively seek out a high-net-worth policy, mostly because many are unaware of the need for one. That puts the responsibility on the insurance industry to educate these individuals.

When picturing a high-net-worth individual, one might think of celebrities and high-ranking executives. In fact, homeowners in the market for high-net-worth insurance tend to be business owners or just plain hard-working people who started from humble beginnings, saved for their entire life and do not see themselves as affluent.

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Tia Becker, Manager of Personal Insurance, Burns & Wilcox Canada