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October 11, 2016   by Fred Plant, President, Canadian Independent Adjusters' Association

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Ours is a principled profession and you should be proud of the important work you do, every day, delivering the product of the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry in Canada.

Independent Adjusting in Canada is taking a new direction. No longer can we rely on our local relationships to develop business and for that business to allow us to gain experience and hone our skills. The smaller claims that were so critical in adjuster development are fading fast in favour of processes implemented by Insurers based on numbers and data.

We could roll up in a ball and pretend this is not happening. We could whine and complain that this is “just not right”. Or, we can adapt to the new order and find ways for Independent Adjusting to remain a critical element of the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry in Canada.

Fred Plant, President, Canadian Independent Adjusters Association

Fred Plant, President, Canadian Independent Adjusters Association

The Canadian Independent Adjusters’ Association, through its membership, which is closing in on 1,800 professionals from all across Canada, has chosen to not simply roll over and die. CIAA has embraced the evolving role of the Independent Adjuster and is leading our profession to continue to be an integral element of the success of our Industry and, as our profession evolves, so too must its representative Association.

With that, CIAA will soon significantly change the way it interacts with the P&C Industry. Historically the CIAA President, a new person-a volunteer elected each year-carries the CIAA banner for a year and then hands-off the role to the First Vice-President. The President is always a dedicated career professional with an existing day job, the demands of which do not diminish on assuming the role of CIAA President.

How can one person dedicate the time and energy necessary to advance the cause of Independent Adjusting while continuing to meet the pre-existing demands of an employer who is paying a salary? The fact is, they can’t. Not today anyway, when job demands are more intense than ever and where the complexity of dealing with the many elements and related issues of the insurance industry is ever expanding.

CIAA has begun the search for a seasoned industry professional to take on a new role with this Association; a full time advocate and spokesperson, independent of any member-company, who will have the time and dedication to constantly and consistently represent the interests of professional independent loss adjusters in Canada, while working to create education and professional development programs which will not only help forge better adjusters; this will assist in attracting the best talent to our business.

In concert with this initiative, CIAA needs the commitment of all independent adjusters in all areas of the country to support the profession, to give something back (even if it is just yearly dues for now) to that from which you gain so much. CIAA does not exist to only represent its members; it represents the entire profession and WE NEED YOU. We are going to do great things for independent adjusting. Be responsible for your future by being part of this new initiative. If you are not an existing member, please contact CIAA today and pledge your commitment for the benefit of yourself, your colleagues and your profession.

All good things must come to an end and it is with mixed emotion that I watch the sun set on my term as President of CIAA. Heather Matthews, CIP, CRM, will be the President of CIAA for 2016-17 and I know all of you, members, non-members (who will soon be members) and industry colleagues alike, will support CIAA and Heather as she pilots the association into a new era.

For me, this past year was both challenging and rewarding, however, above all else, it was an honour. I did not do anything this year on my own. There has been a whole crew of dedicated people, from every region, who gave selflessly of their time to make CIAA work and to allow us to open a window to the future. On behalf of all CIAA members I extend sincere gratitude to all of you who gave so much.

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