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Written statement should be obtained before interview process

November 30, 2010   by

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A written statement should be requested prior to any interviewing of a subject, as this provides the interviewer with the cleanest version of the events.

This is contradictory to the way interviews — with claimants, fraud suspects, witnesses, etc. — are frequently conducted, which is done while the interviewer sits across from the subject.

In this situation, the subject is so conscious of the interviewers presence that eventually they will begin to feel guilty for making the interviewer sit there, said Nejolla Korris, CEO of The Sponsorship Group Ltd.

“Often times they will try and finish their statement quickly just to try and move on with it,” she said while speaking at the ISB-U Education Series on Oct. 28 in Milton, Ont.

“We don’t do anything to the subject but influence them to hurry up and get it finished if we decide to sit across the table and watch them do it,” she added.

Korris said it doesn’t matter where the subject writes the statement, because no matter how much a subject believes they can cleanse the writing or be clever about the words used, what will not leave the statement is the particular pattern of writing used.

“That’s what we assess,” she said, referring to the pattern of writing. •